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My name is David Tromholt. 32 years old. I work as a freelance web developer and software consultant. I make websites faster, user-friendly, and easier to find on the search engines.

I’ve been writing HTML and CSS since I was 14 years old. I have a lot of experience and confidence in building responsive/device-agnostic layouts, as well as scalable CSS architecture. I’m obsessed about crafting responsive web typography with CSS, to make text easier to read on all devices, from smartphones to big screen monitors.

In 2014 I started my own one-person web agency, Movation.

Some of my former clients are:


I started out my professional career in 2012 building custom WordPress sites, which I did exclusively for a few years. I know the WordPress eco-system very well.

In 2016 I took a deep dive into the world of JavaScript. This included learning a handful of JS libraries and frameworks, including ReactJS, Gatsby, Next.js and Styled Components. My decision to learn JavaScript has been the best investment of my career.

Embracing the Cutting Edge

I’ve recently become fascinated with Headless CMS a powerful, new paradigm in tech. Headless is the act of combining modern front-end technologies like React, with CMS backends like WordPress.

WordPress has a reputation being slow and insecure. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Headless CMS makes it possible for existing CMS users (e.g. WordPress) to give their website a modern make-over in the shape of technical upgrades (more security, faster page loading, better SEO). And without the hassle of having to rebuild their entire website from scratch.

I’m currently working on a demo page for a Headless WordPress site, using Gatsby (React framework) as the front-end.


I sort of accidentally got into SEO when I worked for Surfsmart in 2012. It turned out that I’m pretty good at it, and SEO has been one of my primary focus areas ever since (especially on the technical side of SEO). I’ve helped the following companies to get on page 1 on Google, Zaizon, Spul, Lyngholm, as well as my own website:

My approach to SEO is to always start with the technical qualities of the website (also called Technical SEO). That includes things like performance, security, accessibility, and cross-device compatibility.

Personal projects

I started in late 2017. The website is about teaching the same technologies that I use to build my client’s websites and my own projects (using Open Source technologies). I also have a small YouTube channel about the same topics, just in video format.

I love teaching, hence my decision to offer my services as a consultant (see contact info at the bottom).

Technologies I’m focusing on right now

I basically focus on everything involving great SEO, accessibility, and delivering blazing fast user experiences.

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